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March Sink Cleaning Tip

Don’t forget your drains and faucets! It only takes a few minutes to tackle these spots. You can soak them in vinegar and they brighten right up. CheckMark Pros Cleaning Services is located in Hebron, Kentucky.

pro tip for kitchen sprayers

Place a bag filled with vinegar over the end of your faucet and secure it with a rubber band.

pro tip for bathroom sink drains

Step 1–Put a towel in the cabinet under your drain to soak up anything that drips. Remove the retainer nut for the lifter rod. The lifter rod secures your drain plug inside the pipe. You can see the rod sticking horizontally out of the drain pipe. It should be threaded hand tight. Once the retainer nut is removed you can pull out the lifter rod.

Step 2–You will now be able to remove the drain plug on the topside of your sink. This baby needs some cleaning! You can soak this in the vinegar as well, but it will also need to be scrubbed with a brush.

Step 3–Scrub inside the drain hole as far as the toothbrush can reach.
*Don’t rinse the sink and drain until you have replaced the plug.

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Let’s face it. Sink drains are disgusting.  You don’t really see what’s going on down there–or rather, should we say what is growing down there.  
Even in extremely clean homes, homeowners are appalled at what we find in some of the less noticeable spots . That’s why they are more than happy to entrust the cleanliness and sanitation of their home to our Professionals.  

"Many of our clients say they really look forward to our Pros coming to clean--Not just because of the way we make their home look, but because of the way we make their home feel." 

Why does it matter?

Keeping your drain clean improves the efficiency of your sink and it prolongs the life of your fixtures.  
Mineral build up on surfaces can be very destructive.  With a little bit of knowledge and some elbow grease it can all go away.  

Why Vinegar?

Vinegar is an acid.  But it is not a harsh acid like you might see in a super hero movie.  It is relatively gentle but extremely effective at removing soap scum, hard water deposits, and yes, even glue!

CheckMark Pros use vinegar throughout your home.  We mix a formula to give us a all purpose cleaner that is safe for everyone in the home and does a fantastic job.  Some people ask if their home will smell like vinegar.  And if you remember what it smells like when you die Easter eggs, we can understand why you would ask that question. 
The answer is no. 
One of the regular positive comments we receive from our clients is that they love the special blend of essential oils that we add to our formula to give your home that fresh, clean and sanitary aroma.  We even have several seasonal options from which our clients can choose. 

What's it like to hire CheckMark Pros?

Contacting us is easy

    • You can reach a real person on the phone during business hours
    • We monitor text, email, messenger, social media and our website estimate request hourly and you can expect a response within 1 business hour.  

The estimate process

    • We will ask for some basic contact information during the initial conversation.
    • We will work with your schedule to set up an in-home walkthrough.
    • Our scheduling software will let you know that the appointment has been made and that you can count on us to be there when we say we will be there. 
    • In many cases we are able to meet with you the same day if you desire.
    • If we schedule the walkthrough at a later date, you will receive a reminder for the appointment.
    • During our visit, we listen to your unique cleaning needs and create a plan based on what you want.  (~30-45 minutes)
    • Our Pro will design a personalized cleaning routine and send you an estimate through text, email or both. 
    • Our Pros are available if you have any questions about your estimate. 
    • Once the estimate has been approved, we will match one of our awesome Cleaning Pros with you.
    • We are typically able to schedule your first cleaning within one week. 

Now you're part of our family

Many of our clients say they really look forward to our Pros coming to clean–Not just because of the way we make their home look, but because of the way we make their home feel.